Saturday, June 14, 2008

Plum pickin’ fun

This year, the plum tree are full of fruit. More than we've ever had before. The other years that we've had plums, the birds and worms had a taste before we ever got the chance. The plums weren't as red or juicy as this year's. But this year, we've hit the gold pot! Tons and tons of fruit. Enough for the birds, worms, other little creatures and us humans!

The extremely ripe plums have dropped and are now scattered all over the ground. The birds have been picking at them, and they look delicious… If only they weren't on the ground. However, I was able to harvest a few ripe and semi-ripe plums from the lower tree branches. Sadly, the best fruit is still high above in the tree tops.

Above: The ripe plums . . . high above me, beyond my reach

I tried to climb up on a ladder to reach some of the ripe plums, but alas I was too short. (I’m only 5’0). I’m going to have to get Cam (he’s 6’2) to climb and try to harvest them for me. I wanted to make plum preserves, but with the way they are ripening, I don’t think I’m going to have a chance anytime soon.

For some reason, the plums on the lower branches are taking much longer to ripen than the plums on the highest branches. Maybe as the summer passes, I’ll be able to harvest more plums. Well, if the birds don’t beat me to it. Another chance for me to learn the virtue of patience!

Below: My meager harvest for today. Not enough to make preserves, but plenty for a delicious weekend snack.

Thank you for everyone's comments on the snake. My sister has been doing some research, and she says that the snake looked like a rat snake. Not poisonous, but still scary! Hopefully we've seen the last of him.


tina said...

I seems plums and peaches are having a bumper year. Lucky you for all those snacks!

Skeeter said...

Love good fresh plums!

We have a cluster of plum trees which produce large grape sized fruit. The trees are full of them. I have seen the birds, squirrels and bunny eating them. I dont can so I let the critters have them. A neighbor went nuts when he saw them a few weeks ago. Told me to make jelly with them. We get saplings popping up all the time and we just let them grow. We dug one out for the Saints mom and she took it back to VA with her. Not sure if the previous homeowners planted the tree or if it came up from a seed on the ground but we love our beautiful purple plum trees....

Dave said...

Looks good! I wish we had a couple plum producing trees.

Dawn said...

Me too! no plums up here and they look soooo good!