Monday, June 16, 2008

Tulips and Cabbage

Gorgeous tulips for father's day. These are my favorite flowers. My parents grew tulips in their garden a few years ago, but they haven't in recent years. I think these are just pretty. They are dainty, elegant and brighten even the dullest day.

The cabbage in the vegetable garden is growing pretty nicely. There have been a few bug problems, so I'll need to spray them with something. The lettuce is also having bug and ant problems. Sadly, the critters are slowly eating the lettuce away. And the slugs are plentiful. *sighs* I have so much work to do.

In the meanwhile, here's a new photo of our cabbage.


Dawn said...

The tulips are very pretty especialy close-up. Don't you hate the bugs, I'd get the cabbage worm on my broccoli and they would destroy them. Course I did not want to really pick the worms off after that!

tina said...

It is growing well for sure and tulips are beautiful. Maybe you could plant some tulips for your parents. I will be posting on my vegetable garden tomorrow with a great pic of my cabbage too. I am so excited as this is the first time I have gotten cabbage!

Skeeter said...

I love tulips but they just dont last long enough in a vase for me! We dont have luck growing them here in GA I think they need colder winters or we should take the bulbs out each year and replant.

Bugs, arggggg. I found a worm in one of my green beans! Cute little green worm but made me upset... argggg

plantgirl said...

Your cabbage is looking great - love the tulips, I'm missing them but saw some up in the mountains for Father's Day. Thanks for your comment on my blog - hopefully will be posting pics soon!

DP Nguyen said...

Dawn-I really hate bugs. It really makes you wonder how farmers controlled pest problems before the commercialization of all the products.

Tina-I can't wait to see how your veggie garden is turning out. I wish I could plant tulips for my parents... I'm rather bad at caring and planting flowers. They all die on me!

Skeeter: I'm sorry to hear about the worms in your green beans. Urg. I love tulips, but you are right. They never last very long. TN does have colder winters, so I guess the tulips do pretty well for us. Although it's sad that they never last too long.

Plantgirl-I hope everything goes well with the delivery! :-)