Thursday, June 12, 2008

Haircut and sinking deeper into the end… Plus a red bell pepper

I have to write more about the weather. It’s driving me bananas. It rained today . . . for about 30 seconds. And it wasn’t rain, it was sprinkles. Looking outside around lunch time, I saw hope of rain and cooler weather. Unfortunately, my hopes for my plants were dashed. The sun came out a few minutes later.

Funny how Tennessee weather is! I normally love sunny days and Tennessee summers, but ever since I took up gardening, I’m not such a fan of the hot, humid days. My long, black hair could not take all the heat. My head gets way too hot! So I decided to cut about 8 inches off! Now I have shoulder length hair.

(I'm not looking my best, and the lighting is horrible because we were inside a restaurant.)

Enough of my random musings! Thanks to everyone who pointed out that peas are a cool weather vegetable. I probably should have researched that before I decided to plant it. But I’m an impatient gardener who loves to experiment. Sadly, the peas are doing worse today. They are one day away from death.

See for yourselves! (In the first picture, you'll see that I tried to add "plant food/fertilizer" to the soil, hoping it would make a difference.)

In happy news, my red bell pepper in the front is starting to turn red. It’s only palm-size, and I’ve decided that when it gets completely red, I’ll pick it and make one fajita!

Below: The bell pepper last week

Below: The bell pepper gets more color this week (you can see my shadow looming over it)

Even if this year’s crop is a bust, I’ll still have good memories of crisp lettuce and palm-sized bell peppers to remember. Plus, I also harvested spinach a few times. But unfortunately, we waited too long and the plant flowered and then died. Maybe next year we’ll have better luck.


Skeeter said...

Hair looks great! When I glanced at the title of the posting, I thought it read, Hair cuts and Skinny Dipping! LOL.. I was like, WHAT? Too funny....

I think you should continue to experiment in the garden. I do a lot of trail and error and pretty much learn from my mistakes with my hands-on attempts.

I have read lots of articles about animals in nature and since moving into the woods with them, find that most books are incorrect! Deer do roam during the day, they do eat during the day, and raccoons will come close to people without being rabid and during the light hours as do the fox and coyotes. I believe the same is true in garden life also. I don’t believe all texts are correct because some plants defy the odds for me as I plant them where they say don’t and they thrive. Not all but some, so learning as you go can be an interesting experience…

tina said...

Yes, I think the haircut looks great too. Time to pull the peas. Plant beans if you haven't already. And even if you have, plant some more to stagger the harvest.

garden girl said...

Your hair looks great.

Vegetable gardening sure is a learning experience, and it's definitely trial and error. Don't give up though. Everything you learn will continue to make your garden more successful in future years.

Dawn said...

I think you look very nice and I agree with everyone else. Don't give up. I had bad luck when I first started took me about 3 years, got discouraged with my roses so I cut them all back! In two years (bloom in 2 years growth) My neighbors wouldn't stop talking about the color in my yard! What did I do!?!