Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Hot Weather, Watermelon and New Seedlings

Boy has it been hot in Nashville! I've never wanted it to rain more than I do today. Even poor Luka thinks its too hot. Late yesterday afternoon, we took a nice walk around the neighborhood and she was perfectly behaved. I believe she is now officially leashed-trained, but today she didn't even want to leave her air-conditioned sun room. She just laid there and hugged my leg.

My plants are also taking a beating. These peas that Cam and I planted a few weeks ago are starting to die yellow and die (see below).

I really think that it must be the heat. Before all the hot weather, these pea seedlings were green and thriving. Now look at them. They're not getting any bigger, and every day I discover any leaf that has yellowed. It's really depressing.

I guess we'll see what tomorrow brings... I hope the rain revitalizes my garden. But from the looks of things, this hot weather is slowly killing many of my hopeful vegetables. So far, only the lettuce, tomato plants, and strawberry plants seem to be unaffected. More on this dilemma in a post later this week.

Turning over to my garden at my parents' house. My sister and I planted lettuce seeds and carrot seeds last week, and they've started to sprout. I think we'll need to thin it out somehow, but everything looks good so far!

Below: The lettuce (left and middle row) and carrot (right row) seedlings

Below: The carrot seedlings up-close

The watermelon plants are also doing very well in this weather. The plant (below) was only planted a few weeks ago, but it's starting to flower! I'm feeling very hopeful.

Now let's hope that the hot weather doesn't start affecting these plants as well! *sighs* I want the rain to come. Maybe I'll do a little rain dance for fun. :-)


Dave said...

You may want to consider pinching off the flower of your watermelon. It may not be quite large enough to support making a melon yet. This heat definitely isn't helping! I really would like to see some rain soon.

Dawn said...

DP, peas ARE SO much a cool weather veggie. One year in Me. when it got suddenly hot, my peas went stringy, what was growing got attacked by aphids, and what fruited was awful tasting. It was disapointing. Some people shade them with a gauze material to keep them cool.

tina said...

I planted my peas in February. They definitely need cool weather here. On a good note, the watermelon will love this heat. Everybody do a raindance-Dawn send us some showers and mom needs some too.

DP Nguyen said...

Dave: Thanks for the advice. How would I know if a vine is big enough to support a melon?

Dawn & Tina, I had no idea that peas are a cool weather veggie. Being a newbie and all. I guess I can try to grow them in the fall. That might be fun!

Skeeter said...

I feel your disappointment as well. My veggies are not looking so great either. Peppers doing great and we ate some in rice last night. Yum...

Gail said...

This heat is oppressive for plants, animals and the rest of us! Is there rain in any forecast? Please!


DP Nguyen said...

Skeeter, That sounds like a delicious meal! Yum!

Gail, It did sprinkle for about 30 seconds today. So that was nice. But I'd love a huge downpour