Thursday, May 29, 2008

Bell Peppers and A Kitty

Cam and I have 4 bell pepper plants. I think these are the varieties that we have: (1) Red Bell Pepper (2) Chocolate Bell Pepper (3) Purple Bell Pepper (4)Yellow Bell.

When we were looking for another red bell pepper to plant, we couldn't find any healthy looking ones, so we settled on the other bell pepper varieties. We chose plants that were flowering, and they happened to be hybrid varieties.

We've never eaten a Chocolate Bell or Purple Bell, but I read that they are sweet and edible (the most important aspect!). I believe that both varieties are green before they turn colorful, but it'll take 70-80 days before they mature. But they are off to a great start.

Below: SFG Box #3: This bell pepper plant should be flowering soon. Its leaves look a little unhealthy, so I'm going to have to observe it and figure out what to do.

The chocolate bell pepper plant next to plant 1 (above) is already fruiting. Two more are on the way. When I look closely inside the flower bloom, I see a tiny hint of green. Its brothers and sisters will be born soon. :-)

Below: Photo # 1 & 2 were taken last weekend.
Photo # 3 was shot on Monday
Photo # 4 was snapped today

There is something neat about seeing the progression of the plants. You care and nurture for these plants with love, and to see them grow stronger each day, it's beautiful. I feel very parental in my garden.

I have lots of hope for the bell pepper plants in the square foot garden boxes in the backyard. I think I will have numerous ripe bell peppers to eat. If I decide to grow okra soon, I may make New Orleans style gumbo with these vegetables.

Now to the front yard: I planted the red bell pepper plant in the front vegetable bed. So far, it's only fruited one bell pepper. There are no additional flowers on the plant. I believe once this pepper turns red, this plant will have merely useless leaves. I'm not sure where I went wrong. Perhaps I should not have planted it in the shade.

When we planted it, we thought the front received full sun. Unfortunately, it only receives partial sun during the day. The lettuce and spinach did well, but I read that leafy vegetables do better in partial shade than other plants.

Oh well. Lesson learned.

Photo # 1: The red bell pepper in early May.
Photo # 2: The red bell pepper today.

The bell pepper has gotten larger, but not extremely large. This is possibly my impatience, but my garden is teaching me to be patient. There's something beautiful in the way God has designed the vegetation on this Earth. Each day brings something new for me to enjoy--a new flower blossom, a plant has hints of fruiting, a plant gets taller, a vine gets longer...

I'm in a contemplative mood tonight.

On a personal note, I may be getting a new kitty soon. If anyone watched Fox 17 News at 9:00 p.m. tonight, you may have seen Cam and my future (hopefully!) kitty.

Check out the news story:

The poor kitten crawled into the wheel well and then into the engine compartment. Here he/she is peeking out. (P.S. Cam is not shown on camera because he shot the entire thing. You can hear him laughing in the background!)

I'm on the top of the list for people to visit the kitten after it's been tested and is given the OK to be adopted. I'm very excited. I think she's a Bombay cat, which are known to be extremely playful and even leash-trainable!

She has nothing to do with the garden, but I'm very excited, so I'd thought I'd share!


butterflynymph said...

have never heard of chocolate bell peppers - sounds yummy. that kitten is adorable! hope you get him(her?)
thx for your comment on my blog - yes I'm 35 1/2 weeks preggo & counting down - I had the same cravings with my now 2 year old and she loves all Asian foods - and cereal :)

Dave said...

Wow, I saw the story on the news, one lucky kitty! The peppers look great. I planted the 'Cardinal' variety, a 'Big Dipper, and some sort of cayenne. I hope to make some homemade salsa this year.

tina said...

Peppers look good!

tina said...

I didn't see it on the news but went back and watched it via your link. It made me laugh hearing them all laugh. I even showed my son who got a kick out of it. Funny.

Mick said...

Lovely kitten, lovely garden.

My 2 favorite things. :-)


Anonymous said...

The peppers look great! I'm doing a project on them and thanks to you, I know what they look like now! (could've studied a little harder)