Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Tomato Problem, Blooms, and Redness

Let me start with some bad news. One of my large tomato varieties has fruited, and one of the tomatoes is completely fine. It's growing perfectly, and its skin is smooth as a baby's bottom. But it's sibling tomato (which grows on a higher vine) has a few spots on it.

Below: The trouble tomato. Can anyone identify what the problem is?

Is it a bug problem? Or a disease? I recently sprayed all of my plants with organic insecticidal soap (made from natural ingredients), so far, I have not seen any aphids or bugs on my plants. Perhaps, I should spray again to ensure that the bug problem is controlled. The damage is minimal, so I'm sure the tomato will be perfectly edible when it's ripe.

Below: The Oregano

In the front vegetable bed, the oregano grew and I never got a chance to pick any of it for spaghetti or other Italian dishes. I would love to dry the leaves, but I've been so busy, I haven't had the time. But alas, it has flowered and a few sprigs have started to die.

In better news, the red bell pepper plant in the front has started to turn red! At first, the color was rust-like, and I thought the plant had been infected with something. But as the plant has matured, the red color has darkened. Isn't she a beaut?


tina said...

I think an insect or mechanical damage. Don't worry about it. I'd be more concerned with blossom end rot and this is not that!

Skeeter said...

Tomato should be fine to eat. Same thing has happen to me in the past. Pepper looks yummy!

Mick said...

The mark on the tomato looks like a bit of sunscald IMHO, probably due to the over pruning. But it's nothing to worry about.

Cool looking "rainbow" pepper.

Dave said...

I second what all the others have said. Sun scald or mechanical damage, either way your tomato will be fine, and hopefully very tasty!

Gail said...


So glad you got good news when you thought it was bad! Tomato sandwiches, yummy.


DP Nguyen said...

Tina, Skeeter, Mick, and Gail: Thanks for the comments. I'm so glad that it's nothing to worry about.

(Mick): I have not pruned my tomato plants in a few weeks, and I've cut back on it! :-)