Monday, November 3, 2008

Planning For Next Year

Cam and I have started to plan for our garden next year. We decided not to purchase seedlings next spring, but to plant heirloom seeds. We figure if we can save the seeds from all our heirloom vegetables, it will save us in the long run.

We may have gotten ahead of ourselves, but we purchased many, many seeds for various vegetables. Some of them I can probably plant this fall, but I'm not sure what. Is it too late?

Here's what we purchased. What do you think? Which can we plant now that won't die with the intermittent frosts? Also, what's the best way to save the seeds? Do I need to freeze them?

America Spinach
Monnopa Spinach
Calabrese Broccoli
Dragon Carrot
Scarlet Nantes Carrot
Country Gentleman Corn
Bushy Cucumber
Boothby's Blonde Cucumber
Seed Savers Lettuce Mixture
Australian Brown Onion
Yellow Onion
Amish Snap Pea
Alma Paprika Pepper
Orange Bell Pepper
Early Scarlet Globe Radish
Blacktail Mountain Watermelon
Amish Paste Tomato
Black from Tula Tomato
Cherry Roma Tomato
German Pink Tomato
Italian Heirloom Tomato
Brandywine Tomato
Boston Favorite/Eating
Dwarf Gray Sugar Pea
Stowell's Evergreen Corn
Early Snowball Cauliflower
Buran Pepper
Long Island Improved Brussel Sprout
Blue Solaize Leek
Star of David Okra
Purple Top White Globe Turnip
Amish Melon
Double Yield Cucumber
Lao Green Stripe Eggplant
Copenhagen Market Cabbage
Mammoth Red Rock Cabbage
Chioggia Beet
Detroit Dark Red Beet


Dan said...

Good Evening DP. Now that is a long list of seeds. The best way to store seeds is dark, dry and cool. I keep mine in a coffee can in the basement. I'm not sure about freezing them especially if you have a frost free freezer, it may suck all the moisture out of them.

I am guess it is to late to plant most thing. You could probably get some lettuce and radishes going though.

tina said...

Hi DP, I just planted some spinach and mesclun today. I planted them in pots and will plant some more things in the hotframe and garden this week before it rains. Some things like Dan said, the lettuce, radishes, beets and maybe turnips will probably make it. At least you would get greens. I think still that some may not make it all the way thru to harvest. But you can still plant garlic, and onions now if you are planning too.

Cindy said...

DP ~ That is a great list! I don't know about storing seeds in the freezer, but I store mine in a big glass jar, tightly sealed, in a cupboard that isn't used too much. Once I kept them in a cardboard shoe box, but the mice were happy for the winter snack!

Gail said...

Hi DP,

My experience is that seeds store nicely is a tin with a lid! They seem to be viable for longer then the seed companies tell you they will be!

It's nice to have you back in the blogging world!


lola said...

Boy, that is a long list. Some of them I never heard of. A tin box is best. I can plant lots of things here in my zone 8B/9.

Roses and Lilacs said...

If you enjoy winter greens, you can easily make a cold frame like Tina mentions. Any big old window or glass shower door makes a good top. The frame can be concrete blocks, hay bales, wood or a dug out in the ground. In Tennessee you could probably garden most of the winter.

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a great list of things you are planning for next year DP! I plan on planting more veggies next year too. ;)

Daphne said...

The best way to keep seeds is in a cool dark dry place. I keep mine in an airtight container in the refrigerator (freezer is not good). I make sure they come up to room temp before I open it.

BTW many seeds keep for years and years, but onions and corn tend not to. They may keep a year or two at most.

Skeeter said...

Wow, that is a lot of seeds you have! What ever you plant, GOOD LUCK.

Emily said...

Like Daphne I store mine in a jar in the refrigerator. Some of mine this year were from 2005, the last time I had a garden, and they sprouted fine.

Susie said...

Hey DP-I have to agree with Dan. Just store them in a cool, dry area. I don't think I would plant any now either. You have really gotten yourself a bunch of seeds! Sounds wonderful!

marmee said...

wow that looks like a huge list of seeds. most of my garden is dead too. but i am looking forward to planting all the heirloom seeds i saved.

Frances said...

Hi DP, like everyone else, I am amazed at your seed list. That is a lot it seems. I store my seeds in a cool dry place, which includes the house in a box in baggies. Must keep the moisture out. Lots of good advice here. Have you thought about the cold frame? It could be placed over your raised beds but needs venting so the stuff doesn't cook when we have those warm days.

Skeeter said...

Just wanted to pop in here to say keep Luka from the plants you brought inside. Some can be toxic to a cat.... Do a bit of research on them or make sure they are out of paws reach... :)

DP Nguyen said...

Hi Dan- Thanks for your advice. I'll keep it in mind!

Hi Tina- Ooh, spinach might be good. I might think about planting some spinach or lettuce in pots. I'll hopefully planting garlic soon!

Hi Cindy- I might try some of those techniques. Sorry about the mice problem. :-/

Hi Gail- Thanks, I love the welcoming nature of the blogging world. It's been great. I hope seeds do last longer than on the package!

Hi lola- Thanks for your tip!

Hi marnie- Ooh, winter greens sound good. I might start planting some greens in our sunroom and use it as a greenhouse in the winter.

Hi raquel-Good luck with your planting next year too!

Hi daphne- The refrigerator sounds good; I'll try it out. Thanks for the tip about the corn and onions. I'll keep that in mind.

Hi Skeeter- I'm trying to keep Luka away from the indoor plants. I even bought her some pet grass to munch on, hopefully that will work.

Hi Emily- That's great to hear. I hope my seeds next year will do as great as your garden this year.

Hi susie- Thanks for the advice. I may plant a few in pots and place them in the sunroom. Maybe it will work. It's worth a try!

Hi Marmee- I know, isn't it so sad to see your garden die? But I am also looking forward to planting.

Hi Frances-I did buy a lot of seeds. I probably won't plant them all, but I just wanted them just in case I change my mind. I might try the cold frame, that does sound pretty cool!

Dawn said...

Wow! That's quite the list! Makes me dizzy just looking at it. Also makes me stir crazy for spring!