Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Watermelon Everywhere

I hope everyone had a great weekend. I'm going to try to post 2-3 times a week instead of Monday through Friday. Because my garden isn't producing as much, there's not much to report.

The weather in Nashville is getting bit colder. It was in the 60s yesterday, and I had to wear a sweater when I went out. (I am very sensitive to cold, so anything below 70 is chilly to me). I wonder if the chilly weather is here to stay or just the reminisces of Ike. I hope it is Ike because I really loved the summer weather, and my veggies love it too.

I am prepared for the fall though. (I'm not a fan of these high gas prices though. All of the gas stations near where I live are all out of gas! And the next closest gas station charges $4.25, ridiculous!)

Anyway, the good news is my plants are still producing, even though the chilly weather is here. The watermelons are out of control. They are everywhere!

Below: The watermelon

Each and every of those pictures show a different watermelon! It's like a watermelon party out there. We've tasted two watermelon, and even though they aren't that red inside, they still are very taste and delicious.

Btw... There's also a watermelon growing on our porch...

I'm thinking next year that I will only plant one watermelon plant instead of three. And maybe I'll have the smaller variety of watermelon instead of these huge ones.


Dawn said...

Very cool! I kinda like the watermelon on the porch. Sounds like you'll be eating watermelon, watermelon salad, and drinking watermelon punch for a while!

tina said...

Watermelons! Watermelons! Growing everywhere! Wow! Send some to me up here as I'd sure love them! Look great.

Roses and Lilacs said...

Like tomatoes. You have to eat them when 'they' are ready. Than it is a long time till they are ripe again.

Skeeter said...

Your melon family looks so wonderful! Okay, what are their names?

My mouth is starting to juice just thinking of the wonderful flavors behind that green coat of rind...

Jennifer (of Veg*n Cooking) said...

Yeah, I prefer summer as well. I don't deal with the cold too well, but I am trying to get better.

That is A LOT of watermelon. They are quite large too! Glad to see something is still thriving in these cool temperatures we've been having.

I see lots of watermelon in your families future!

Robj98168 said...

Wow! Your melons look nice- I am going to have to try growing melons, I think this would have been a great year weatherwise here!

Anonymous said...

I hope you like watermelon DP, with them growing everywhere. lol They look really great, I tried growing the sugar baby before and I got one melon. :(

Dave said...

Wow those look great! Our's was such a little thing, but the few bites we had tasted alright!

Emily said...

Those watermelons look great. It is interesting to see the foliage because I've never grown watermelons before I wouldn't recognize the leaves.

Dan said...

Hi dp, I wish I could buy gas for $4.25, my area is charging approx $5.65 once converted from liters to gallons. This is with crude falling to $91.41 a barrel today, I am with you that it is ridiculous.

You sure have a bumper crop of watermelons this year. Maybe if you have to many to eat you could freeze some watermelon sorbet. I have also heard of people pickling watermelon rinds, I have never tasted watermelon that way but it seems like it would be good.

If you are looking for a smaller watermelon next year there is a yellow fleshed watermelon that produces a small fruit that has really sweet flesh. I think I am going to give it a go next year.

Susie said...

Your watermelons look great DP!! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!

Eve said...

I grew the baby bush this year because there is just the two of us. Most freinds we know have a garden and the family likes the really big ones. These turn out to be just right for us, when I cut them in half. There is very little white on these, the red goes to the rind almost and very sweet.

You sure do have a lot. I planted four plants and it was more than enough. I lost some to the rabbits but they seem to like my cantaloupe much, much better. Easier to eat, I guess. Although I did notice that the skin is really tender on these smaller ones, not hard like the large ones.

Mother Nature said...

We bought some watermelons this season that were about as big as a honeydew. They were perfect for two people and easy to transport.

Frances said...

Hi DP, that is impressive, so many melons. I also vote for the smaller fruited ones, less waste and can fit in a fridge. Your thumb is very green!


Gail said...

I love all watermelon, just so long as it is sweet and tasty. When is the watermelon party?


Jan said...

I can't get over those watermelons! Both the mysterious ones peeking out from the foliage and the strange (in a good way) one on the porch. Amazing.

TC said...

I'll take a few of those melons off your hands! ;~)

lola said...

Boy dp you have really gardened well. Watermelons all over the place even the porch. I am envious to say the least. Wish I could grow them like that. I love watermelon. They are long gone here. I did get a couple this summer that was very delicious. Hadn't tasted melons that good since I was a kid.

Linda Lunda said...

We can only grow watermelons in greenhouses... and even then its hard. The sommer here are to short and to cold.
I love the wathermelon that are growing on your pathio!

Gisele Schoene said...

It is watermelon invasion! It is getting cold here in Knoxville too. I will miss the hot summer months, I don't like cold weather! I am spoiled, I grew up Brazil, where one can garden year round.

Cindy said...

Hi DP ~ I love the watermelon growing on the porch! That's great. You'll be eating melons a long time with those good producers.

John said...

Wow, you do have watermelons everywhere. That is very cool. But you might get tired of eating them. I would love to grow some if I just had the space.

DP Nguyen said...

Hi Dawn, I love the watermelon on the porch. It is so funny. I know, I'll be swimming and sick of watermelon by the end of the year.

Hi Tina- You were right earlier this year. I totally underestimated how much they would grow. I'll send you some watermelon if it gets too overwhelming for me! :-)

Hi Marnie- I know, I'll be eating watermelon for the next two months. It's a good thing I love them!

Hi Skeeter- LoL, too many to name. I think I'll be running out of Flintstones names soon. Any other suggestions for names?

Hi Jennifer, I also hate the cold. I'm surprised that they are doing so well considering the chilly weather.

Hi Rob- Despite the drought, the watermelon have done well. I'm really surprised myself. I hope you do grow them next year. It's a fun treat!

Hi PG, Sorry to hear about your sugar baby. That's just too bad. I wanted to try that next year. Oh well. Maybe you'll get more melons next year too.

Hi Dave- Aw, I think it's hit or miss with the watermelon. Some people have better luck, I don't know why. But you hit the gold with all your cantaloupes this year!

Hi Emily, watermelon foliage is very unique. I know what they look like now, but I had no clue before this summer.

Hi Dan-OH WOW, that is pricey for gas!!!

Watermelon sorbet sounds so good. How do you make it? I'll have to look up a recipe.

Hi Susie- Thanks. I'm loving them... but might get sick of them soon. lol.

Hi Eve, I think I want to try the baby bush next year. These are just too big for us. I want smaller ones like yours. I'll keep an eye out for it next year.

Hi Donna, I would love smaller watermelon next year. It is so much more convenient than our heavy ones.. They are so heavy to even get inside!

Hi Frances- Too many melons, but luckily, they are ripening at different intervals. Thanks for the vote of confidence.

Hi Gail- Haha. They ripen so slowly that I am luckily to eat them one at a time!

Hi Jan- I know, so many watermelon. It's crazy. the porch does seem to be a hit. I am most excited about that one.

Hi TC, haha! :-) Thanks for the offer.

Hi Lola, I also love watermelon. Yum. I'm glad you were able to get a taste before they disappeared in your area.

Hi Linda, We have long summers, so the watermelon has done well for us! I'd love to have a green house though.

Hi Gisele, I'm sad that it's getting chilly here. I hate cold weather too. Brazil sounds so exciting! I bet you miss it.

Hi Cindy, The watermelon on the porch is my favorite one of them all. It just seems extra special because its on the porch.

Hi John, I don't think I had the space this year, but I gave it a try. And it did grow all over the place, and it was not pleasant. I think it overtook the garden, but it is worth it!

Skeeter said...

Maybe the Adams Family... lol...