Saturday, September 20, 2008

Betty and Bam Bam

Betty, the cantaloupe, was finally ready for our stomachs. She was about to fall off the vine, so I took her inside. Sadly, I have no pictures of her flesh because I gave her to my little sister to take back to her dorm at Vanderbilt University.

Below: Beautiful Betty

My sister reports that she was delicious and beautifully orange and sweet. Good-bye Betty. I had a lovely time raising you.

Below: Bam Bam, the watermelon

With a ton of watermelons, we decided to harvest another one for a summer's day treat. The flesh was pinkish, but it was sweet.

Betty has other brothers and sisters that are growing. I say about three little ones (more about them next week), but I don't know how will survive and who will die. There used to be five little ones, but two of them withered away. I guess the vine was not strong enough to support that many fruit. I'll keep you all posted on the cantaloupes' development.


Dawn said...

Gee, at first I felt like I was losing a close friend! lol
Then came big bam bam! Looks quite huge. You must feel good about getting him harvested.

Susie said...

Bam Bam is a beautiful melon, or should I say was? Maybe a couple of the brothers and sisters will live.

tina said...

The whole family huh?

DP Nguyen said...

Hi Dawn- I feel great about both of them being harvested. Sniffs, now the Flintstones is complete.

Hi Susie- I hope their siblings live too! Let's keep our fingers crossed.

Hi Tina-Yup, the entire family, lol. Now I just have to figure out what to name the next few melons. :-)

Anonymous said...

Wonderful melons DP! I love fresh picked fruit, it taste the best.

Cindy said...

How nice of you to give Betty away. I can't believe how big Bam Bam has gotten!

Jan said...

This is so cute! And amazing at the same time. Makes me dream about growing something large and delicious someday.

Frances said...

Hi DP, you have done so well with your food plantings and showing us the results. Luka is a doll and just being a normal young cat. She will get lazier as she gets older. Not scratching the furniture is huge! My cat Hazel wakes me up at the same time every day too, but she doesn't understand weekends! LOL


Dave said...

They look good! Our cantaloupes are are on their way out. I have three that need cut with a couple more to pick, bit they are almost done. I'm envious of your watermelons as we only had the mini-melon.

Dan said...

I'm so envious of all your melons, I will defiantly have to find some room for them next year.

I just picked up one of the yellow watermelons I was tell your about in one of your other posts. It was so good and just ready to eat. I put the knife in and it cracked right open.

Eve said...

Bye, Bye Betty. That was so sweet of you to give away your first born like that. LOL..Lucky sister.

Our watermelons were not as dark pink as some I have seen, but they were sweet and I am going to raise more next year. I am thinking I will trellis them though. Get them up away from those dastardly wabbits.

Skeeter said...

Betty Looks like a beauty! I am sure sis enjoyed her juicy treat from her big sister. Sharing is great!

Bam Bam looks like a big ole Bam Bam indeed! You sure did have great luck with melons! I dont have the room for one without extending the bunny/deer fencing so we will probably not try a melon family next year. We need to get a season with some decent rain before I add too much more the veggie garden...

Anonymous said...

wow! Beautiful

Roses and Lilacs said...

If I named 'em I couldn't eat 'em;)
I remember when my dad used to grow mellons--nothing better.

DP Nguyen said...

Hi PG- I love fresh picked melons. It is so delicious. Yummy!

Hi Cindy- It was hard to give Betty away. I'll miss her sweetness, but at least i wasn't the one to "kill" her. :-)

Hi Jan, I hope you get to grow something large and juicy one day. There's always next summer.

Hi Frances, I hope Luka does calm down, but I do like her being playful.. if it's directed at a toy and not my arms and legs. :-) Luka doesn't understand weekends either. She wakes me anyway.

Hi Dave- Sorry to hear about your cantaloupes. You had a great harvest though! So many cantaloupes to eat.

Hi Dan- Melons are fun to grow, but they do really take over and there is only so much room. I might have to try those yellow melons, you're making me really crave them!

Hi Eve- Giving away Betty was so hard, but I am glad my sis got to enjoy it. It's so hard to grow my melons on trellis because they get so heavy. I am lucky that I don't have rabbit problems. Yikes!

Hi Skeeter- Rain is definitely an obstacle when planting melons. You need lots and lots of melons. Oh well, you can always buy fresh melons from your local farmers market.

Hi Skaggs, Thanks for visiting!

Hi marnie, I name them for fun and I have no problem eating them. They taste so irresistible. :-)