Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Cabbage and Betty

My lone cabbage head is slowly growing into an actual head. It looks pretty cool. I'm thinking it'll be October before I can actually harvest it. But it looks very pretty as it grows. And the bug problems that I had earlier in the summer are now just an old memory. The leaves look very healthy.

Below: The cabbage head

I have an update on Betty, the cantaloupe. She is looking pretty good, and it won't be long before I can harvest her and eat her delicious flesh.

Below: A picture of Betty from last week

Betty is actually a small cantaloupe, but I think her small size means that she will be much sweeter once I eat her.


tina said...

That cabbage does look good. Sometimes with bugs it is the timing but it is ever so hard to time. I like to think I just get lucky at times and not so lucky at others:>

Anonymous said...

Great looking cabbage & cantelope DP! Both look very tasty to me. :)

Susie said...

Great looking head of cabbage DP. I bet it will taste great! Betty is looking pretty good. How much longer will it be before you give her a try?

Cindy said...

Those both are looking good! I think you should name your cabbage - why should the melons have all the fun - LOL!

Jennifer (of Veg*n Cooking) said...

That cabbage IS moving along nicely! I bet you'll really enjoy that one come October. I never thought to grow cabbage, but never used to like it. Since going vegetarian a few years ago, my tastes have really changed and now I like a lot of things I didn't used too, cabbage included.

I love that you named your cantaloupe! She is gorgeous, and I bet she WILL be tasty, small or not.

Carla said...

No name for the cabbage head? Don't you like to name your 'victims'? jk Both are looking de-lis-ious!

The Organic Gardener said...

AH, Lovely Betty! It is awesome that you named your cantaloupe. I was trying to grow watermelon this year...That attempt failed. The vine didn't produce all year, and when there finally was a little watermelon(the size of a marble,) I STEPPED ON IT! Any who, it is a good thing I didn't name mine or else I would feel pretty guilty! lol


Frances, said...

Hi DP, your produce is beautiful and very blog worthy photos too. Betty is attractive even without being good to eat, same goes for the cabbage. Every time I have tried to grow cabbage it is so covered in worm holes from the cabbage white butterfly caterpillars that I yank them out. Brussels sprouts were even worse so I have given up on trying to grow them myself. I did harvest my carrot crop today and will eat them for dinner tonight. There were some great big ones and some little tiny ones, all spaced properly. Don't know how to get all big ones, do you?

Eve said...

That is why we grow them, the pretty little cabbage heads. Their only purpose in life is to end up in a stir fry or large bowl of coleslaw, or with a little onion and bacon served with cornbread. To nourish our hungry little bodies is their grand finale. Grow cabbage, grow!

Now cantaloupe has always been like a special gift from God. It is just so gooood, nice and cold and so good for you. It makes a great lunch along with a little cottage cheese. Hmmm..I am looking forward to a pic of Betty.

Roses and Lilacs said...

They certainly look delicious. I would like to try cantaloupe again some time. Cabbage in my yard would be doomed because of the millions of cabbage butterflies.

Dawn said...

Okay, good thing we are talking 'bout veggies because if this were a conversation some one eavesdropped in on, we might sound sadist!
I like the cabbage for its ornamental display, Betty is doomed! And soon!!!

Robj98168 said...

What did you name the cabbage? I wanna eat that Betty. I haven't had a decent Cantoloupe this year!

lola said...

Both looking good dp. You have a knack with your veggies & fruit. Wish mine would look that good. Haven't tried cabbage in awhile. Thought I'd try it this Fall. Cabbage is a winter veggie down here. Most greens too.
I agree with Cindy--you need to name the cabbage. lol

DP Nguyen said...

Hi Tina- I hope it is the timing. the bugs were at it like crazy earlier this year, but now the leaves seem unharmed. I'm very excited.

Hi pgl- Thanks, I hope they are tasty. I'm wondering what I can do with the cabbage... coleslaw maybe? Or maybe Vietnamese dish.

Hi Susie-I hope everything tastes good. I am excited about it. I'm going to start harvesting her in a few days and I will post pictures.

Hi Cindy- LoL, I guess I could name the cabbage. It is the lone cabbage after all. What name is suitable for it? Hmm... Any ideas? Maybe "Wilma" LoL, keeping in the Flintstones theme.

Hi Jennifer, That's really cool that you are a vegetarian. I am sure it is much healthier than eating meat all the time. Although I am addicted to the taste of meat, so I don't think I could switch. But it's wonderful for people who can!

I love to name all my melons for some reason. It first started because I have one lone cantaloupe, but now that Betty is growing, I started to name all my melons, just for fun!

Hi Carla- LOL, naming was just for the melons, but after everyone's instance, I'll name the cabbage "Wilma." lol.

Hi Zach, Sorry to hear about you stepping on your watermelon. That is not fun at all. Our melons are so productive this year, it is crazy! I'll be posting pictures of them later this week.

Hi Frances, Sorry about your bad luck with cabbage and brussel sprouts. I'd love to grow some brussel sprouts one year. I also had worm problems earlier this season with the cabbage, but for some reason, they've all gone away and the cabbage is all nice and healthy. I am really excited about it.

Hi Eve- What a lovely and extremely funny comment. Yep, all the fruits and veggies grow just to nourish our bodies.

Hi Marnie-Sorry to hear about all those butterflies in your yard eating the cabbage. I guess butterflies have both bad and good uses, lol. I am excited to see how this cabbage tastes.

Hi Dawn- Yup, isn't it funny how words can be misunderstood because I name my melons? lOl. And yep, cabbage sure does look pretty.

Hi Rob-keeping with the Flintstones theme, my cabbage is now "Wilma." LoL. Fresh grown cantaloupe is the only delicious fruit out there. The store bought lacks flavor and it's just not good.

Hi Lola, Where do you live? That's great that you can grow so many veggies and greens in the winter there! So lucky. Good luck with the cabbage attempt this summer. How about "Wilma" as the cabbage name? :-)

marmee said...

hey dp, we grew a 100 lb cabbage this summer but instead of reaching any pound-age it had bugs eating it but they left everything else alone. so i think i will always grow one just so the bugs have something to eat.
betty is looking good!