Sunday, August 31, 2008

Thai Peppers

Despite my lack of success with bell peppers this year, our Thai peppers are growing strong. We have several bushes. These peppers are small but they do kick a nice punch.

Below: Thai peppers... and lots of flowers

My parents have grown Thai peppers in their garden for years. My entire life, I cannot recall a time when my dad did not eat these very hot peppers. He eats them raw with his rice. He'll take a bite of rice and take a bite of a Thai pepper.

I could never eat something so spicy, but I've been working on building my tolerance to these peppers. This year, I've been able to eat these peppers raw with my food and in Vietnamese dishes. It is strong, but I do like extra kick. Plus, I think Thai peppers do have added health benefits. I think it has vitamin C, B1, B2, D, and other good minerals that your body likes. My father has been eating these peppers since he was a young child, and he rarely goes to the doctor. Since moving to the US in 1991, I believe he's only been to see a doctor a few times. I think that's pretty cool.

Below: A few red Thai peppers

We only harvest the peppers when they are turn the bright red. There's a Vietnamese legend that says the hotness of the pepper depends on the person harvesting it. If it is a nicer person, the peppers won't taste as strong or hot. If it's a mean, cold person, the peppers will be extremely HOT!!!!

This year, they are HOT, lol. My mom was the one who harvested them. My dad says, "Guess what means about her?" LoL.

Both my parents are good people. So I guess the legend is false. =)

Happy Sunday.


Robj98168 said...

I think this is the first year I haven't attempted to grow hot peppers. I have had miserable success in the past growing habeneros,thai dragon peppers, a few others. COngrats on your hot peppers!

Gail said...


That is a funny saying! I bet your parents love to tease each other about who picked the hot peppers!

Your peppers are beautiful! Will you or Cam pick them?


Anonymous said...

What a funny saying! I would really have to build a tolerance, I'm not crazy about hot food. :) My hubby & oldest son would probably like them though.

Susie said...

Boy, do you have lots of peppers! I don't think I have eaten Thai peppers before. I know I would like them if I could get past the burn. I do like spicy.

Cindy said...

Those are so pretty. I don't like hot, hot peppers but I would grow them just for the looks.
I love the little folk legend!

Emily said...

Those hot peppers look great!

tina said...

I agree, the legend is false but it is a neat legend. I had Thai food once in Nashville and it was SO spicy! No wonder Thai peppers are spicy! I can't eat spicy stuff at all but my son sure loved it.

lola said...

They look pretty but I can't eat hot spicy foods either. Stomach does flip flops. I might consider growing them for hot pepper sauce for greens. I don't even use that--Young'un & GGS both do. GGS would drink the liquid.

Dawn said...

Funny story and pretty pepper plant. I'm with everyone else, no.. no... no... to spicy stuff. BUT! Since the high schoolers think it's fun to put salt up their noses, maybe they would like these! LOL!

DP Nguyen said...

Hi Rob, I haven't had much luck with peppers either, just Thai peppers. They are easy to grow and easy to manage, for us anyway. I wanted to make salsa with some of my other types of peppers, but it just didn't work out this year. Maybe next year.

Hi Gail, My parents are big kidders, its cute with them. They love to tease each other. I don't think Cam will pick them because he's not huge on peppers, but I did pick a few. And mine were not that hot, lol, so maybe that says something nice about me, lol.

Hi PGL, I love hot and spicy food. I grew up with it, so it's every day to me. Although I'm not wild about Indian food, which can be spicy as well.

Hi Susie, you have to get used to thai peppers. They do burn and they sometimes make my lip bluff up, but I still love them.

Hi Cindy, They are very pretty. I love their red and green colors, and the green foliage is pretty as well. Hot peppers aren't for everyone.

Hi Emily, Thanks. They are very nice looking.

Hi Tina, Thai food can be extremely spicy, but I think Thai peppers are used in many of the Oriental countries. I think eating authentic asian food is an acquired taste. I think you end up getting used to it.

Hi Lola, Hmm, that would be cool to grow them to make hot pepper sauce. I bet that would be pretty hot and spicy!

Hi Dawn, I don't know if the high schoolers would want this up their nose. It'd make their eyes cry and they'd yell and try to get it out, lol. Salt doesn't have the same kick as peppers, lol.

Jennifer (of Veg*n Cooking) said...

Wowsa, your Thai peppers ARE going nuts.

I really like Thai peppers myself, but I am a spice fanatic, so I suppose I am biased.

That legend is too funny!

You'll have to tell us who picks these peppers and how spicy they are! ;-)

Kathryn said...

This year is the first year I am growing Thai peppers and I am not sure when to harvest them. I have some peppers that have been on the plant for at least a month, do they all turn red? My plant looks like the first picture and I can't wait to try these peppers. Thanks for your advice and I really liked the legend! :)