Friday, July 18, 2008

Watermelon... Only a Few Weeks Longer!

Remember the cute little watermelon of last week? The ones that were growing at a rapid pace, and I was excited about?

Here's a reminder!

Well no more! These tiny little suckers have grown into very large and nice size melons. It is still too early for me to harvest anything... Though I do have a desire to slice them all open! (lol).

Below: This is what I found growing in my garden when I returned from vacation...

There are several watermelons that are very large, and one that is medium size. I don't know what variety they are, but I'm sure excited about them. Only a few weeks left to go and I can have some fresh watermelon from my garden!

How much longer do you think I'll have to wait?


becca said...

my watermelon are growing pretty slowly, and I only have 2. My plants themselves didn't grow much, not nearly like I thought they would. I am jealous of yours! I had the prickly cucumbers, before they all died. The others ones are so pretty and shiney! I put some more seeds in but I'm not sure if they are the same variety as I had before or not. I think I may more seeds for cucs, zucs, squash, and beans in this weekend for some late summer/early fall produce. Next year, I am trying eggplant!

What did you do to prepare your soil before planting?

Dan said...

wow those watermelons grow fast and are starting to look very tasty! The variety looks like "sugar baby" to me, at least that's what they call them in my neck of the woods. I have always wanted to make drunken watermelon, not sure if you have heard of it but you cut a small hole in the top, put a funnel in and keep pouring vodka into it over a day or two until the bottle is empty and then enjoy. Not that I would recommend doing any so irresponsible, hahaha.

tina said...

Usually when the nearby tendrils die and the melon sounds hollow when you thump it is when I pick mine. It is a crap shoot sometimes but soon they will be ready!

Dawn said...

Holy Wow! Making my mouth water, we have such a short season for large watermelon, fact farmers inject milk into their punpkins to win the local pumpkin contest! Speaking of what a melon will hold!

Skeeter said...

That thing has really grown in a week! I bet it will be so yummy in the tummy!

I am so glad your garden has turned around for the better. I am so excited for you!

I have heard of drunken watermelon but never tried it. I have never heard of milking a pumpkin though! For weight maybe, as in Cheating?

Gail said...

I am learning from you all, maybe someday I can put my learning to the meantime I get my watermelon from Whole Foods! Sometimes I get it sliced!


DP Nguyen said...

Becca-Welcome! Hmm, are you watering enough? I found that when we were not watering regularly or enough water (b/c we've been a drought), our plants grew slowly. But after we set up a sprinkler, the plants are growing very nicely and very quickly. For our soil, we added black kow manure and that seemed to help things move along. I'm sorry to hear about your bad luck though. Hopefully it'll turn around. The cucumers, zuccinis, squash and beans really do love the heat, and they are growing very nicely. Good luck with your garden!

Dan-- Hmm, the variety does look a little like sugar baby. I'm not sure. We had left a tag in the ground, but the plant has grown so quickly and taken over that those little tags are long gone... probably hidden underneath leaves and vines. LoL. I've never heard of drunken watermelon, but it sure does sound good. LoL. As a refreshing summer drink... not a late-night one :-)

Tina- Thanks for the advice! I'm so excited. From now on, I'll be thumping regularly. I cannot WAIT to eat this watermelon, but I don't want to pick it until I absolutely know it's ripe... or can guess its ripe. There's nothing worse than a watermelon that's not ready for picking!

Dawn- Maine doesn't seem like a cold place. Is your summer pretty short? I've never been there, so I'm just guessing. The stereotype that I have is that it's cold most of the year. lol. maybe not though

Skeeter- Thanks for your enthusiasm. It grew very quickly, and hopefully it'll get larger and larger. Hehe! I guess the farmers in Dawn's area are big cheaters. LoL. But I guess some plants, like animals, can't get THAT large naturally. Hehe!

Gail- I love watermelon from Whole Foods too! Maybe one day, you can always try vegetable gardening. I bet you'd be great at it. You already know the basics of beautiful gardening!