Thursday, July 24, 2008

The evolution of the lone cantaloupe

Today, I will tell the tale of the lone cantaloupe, and how it grew in my garden. Sit back in your chairs, take a sip of coffee, and relax.

Once upon a time in the Kingdom of Nguyenland, a petite gardener with black, shoulder length hair saw a green seedling at the marketplace. Hmm, she thought. A fresh cantaloupe in the summer time would be a wonderful idea.

S0 with the help of the king, she went home and planted the poor seedling amongst her other vegetables. Two tomato plants, three eggplants, and one cabbage head. She planted the cantaloupe seedling in the middle of her bed.

When the day was over, and sweat overcame the young gardener, she overlooked her cantaloupe seedling and smiled. This will work out wonderfully, she mused.

As the days and weeks passed, the small seedling grew and expanded in the bed. One day, our young friend came out and found beautiful yellow flowers underneath the green foliage.

How exciting! She thought. A little babe is just around the corner!

The weeks continued to pass, and the insects and bugs came out of hiding. But that did not deter our gardener. She came out every day to water and to check her plants. The mosquitoes, ticks, and chiggers took large chunks of her legs... And yet, she still watched her plant patiently, awaiting the big day.

Then one day in June, she came out and was shocked to find not one, but two baby cantaloupes had formed! Female flowers! She gasped!

Sadly, one of the baby 'lopes died in the coming weeks. But one remained strong. A fuzzy little one gave her hope of the future!

And this little cantaloupe grew... and grew. Despite the heat and drought, the little thing did not give up. It grew slowly at first... Then the fuzziness of its childhood started to fade away. The young gardener could not be happier to see her baby grow!

On one sad day, the young gardener had to say good-bye to her garden--temporarily. She headed to the beach for a week for fun, relaxation, and a tan. She slowly walked away from her cantaloupe--which she decided to name Freddie.

Good-bye, Freddie. I hope you grow big and strong,
she said.

A week passed, and when she returned, she saw that Freddie had grown larger than she had expected. And all of his fuzziness had disappeared. In its place, a thick white skin had appeared.

And only a short week later, Freddie grew and became recognizable as a small cantaloupe! Although he still has some growing to do, our young gardener is slowly anticipating the day when she can harvest Freddie and slice him open for a summer's day treat!

I hope you enjoyed the story of young Freddie and his beginnings. :-)

Now to end on a silly picture of Luka being funny!


tina said...

That kitten is a lucky kitty! I took mine to Maine and she has a new home, though a bit young to go to it yet she will soon.

Dawn said...

Cute story, first I thought it was going to go bad! Your apples/deserts look yummy!

Skeeter said...

I could never name my veggies because I would feel guilty eating them! LOL... Cute story and a neat way to pay tribute to your cantaloupe. We have been eating on one for two days that a co-worker of the Saints gave us from her garden. We gave her plums and she gave us a melon. I love trade offs…

Luka sure is a cutie and such a Ham working that camera pose!

Cindy said...

I don't know, I don't think you will be able to slice Freddie open when the time comes. You will be too attached - lol! Luka is so cute.

Dan said...

Such a captivating story, you should write childrens books. Your climate sure seems to be good to melons of all kinds and of course the gardener helps a lot too.

Eve said...

I enjoyed the tale of the lone cantaloupe. I am anticipating the Grand Opening any day now. he is a little beauty! And so is sweet girl with a kit kat.

marmee said...

great story. we live southwest of you in leiper's fork and are growing watermelons, just now in their baby stage. i can relate to watching over them intensely and hoping for the best. keep us posted on slicing into that juicy friend.

John said...

Enjoyed your story :) Your cantaloupe looks wonderful.

Carole said...

You are right, your kitten does look like our Pooh. I love black cats and they all seem to have good temperment.
I can't wait to hear how the cantaloupe tastes.
Do you have a recipe for your apple pie?
I put a recipe for our zucchini bread on our blog this morning. bartoo4.wordpress

DP Nguyen said...

Tina, Oh I'm so glad to hear that she has a good home. She was such a cute little kitten.

Dawn, Thank you. They were delicious to eat!

Skeeter- I just named Freddie on the spur of the moment. He is the only one growing,s o I felt that he needed a name. LoL. Yum, those trade offs sound fun. I hope her cantaloupe is delicous! And Luka loves posing. She's so cute. hehe.

Cindy-Aw, I don't think I'll be too upset when I split Freddie open. I hope he's ripe and delicious. hehe. It will be sad though, if he is the only cantaloupe we have from the plant.

Dan- That is actually a dream of mine. I would love to become a children's author. maybe I'll turn freddie's story into a children's picture book! wouldn't that be great? And yep, Nashville does have a good environment for melons. I've been very successful with them this year!

Eve- I will post pictures when Freddie is ready and ripe! Thanks for the comment about my kitten. I love her to death. She's so cute!

Hi Marmee-Welcome to my blog! I hope you come back and visit. I'm growing watermelon too. And they are getting pretty big! Won't be too long before yours grow huge. They grow pretty fast.

John-Thanks for visiting! It is growing slow, and hopefully it'll be ripe before i know it!

Carole-I never thought I would love black cats. I always thought they looked a little creepy. But not anymore. Luka has warmed my heart to cats and kittens in general!