Saturday, August 16, 2008

Sickness and 48 Hour Movie

I apologize for the lack of posts this week. I've been sick with a nasty cold. I'm getting better, but I'm still all stuffy. I've been in bed for the last few days. It's been rather yucky!

This has nothing to do with gardening. (I haven't been able to do much in the garden this week due to the cold). But I thought I would share my 48 hour film project.

In July, I participated in the Nashville 48 hour film project 2008. Basically, we had to make a short film (5-8 minutes) within 48 hours. We were assigned a character that had to appear in the film, a line of dialogue we had to used, a prop, and a genre.

Prop: Calendar
Character: Rob or Robina Hatch, Security Consultant
Genre: Sports
Line: My brother had one just like that

Here is our film. "Leaps and Bounds: The Skip Hopwell Story"


Gardening-related posts coming up on Monday. I hope I'll feel better by then!


tina said...

That was a really good video! I enjoyed it all. Funny to with the wind between his legs. Naughty Skip! Anyhow, glad you are feeling better, get some rest.

lola said...

Hope you feel much better tomorrow. As they say "chicken soup & plenty of rest" I liked your video.

John said...

Love your film. It is hilarious!

Carole said...

What fun. Congratulations and send best wishes to Demetria and the crew. I hope you guys won something for all that hard work. Hilarious. Fun to see all those familar faces too. Thanks for sharing.

Dawn said...

I can't get video til tom. when we get hi-speed installed. (I live pretty rural, takes awhile to cacth up!) Anyway, best wishes for a speedy recovery. It's the pits being ill.

Skeeter said...

Get well soon! They say the Ragweed is getting to people down here....

The video was a hoot! I was expecting something serious so imagine my laughter when it started! ROFLOL

Where did the film place in the contest?

DP Nguyen said...

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for your comments on the film. It was so much fun to make.

Skeeter- the film won best in its genre (sports) and best graphics. It wasn't best overall, the judges chose a more serious, scary movie for "best overall." It was a fun experience though! Cam and I do it every year with the same crew.

Skeeter said...

Yea, taking two spots is good!

Cindy said...

Your film is GREAT! Just what I needed for a laugh tonight. I hope you are feeling better.