Thursday, August 21, 2008

Little Tomatoes and Weather Problems

I can't concentrate today for some reason. I just can't. Grrr... I am a little frustrated. I've decided to blame it on the weather.

It is cloudy, and that's it. The rain isn't falling, and I hear no thunder in the distance. I would like to have some rain. We had some a few weeks ago (maybe longer?), but I would love some rain.

The worst thing is that this cloudiness and lack of rain is making me sleepy. I want to crawl into bed with a good book. Except, that's bad. Because I have to work. LoL.

Sorry for my rant. But I want the rain to come and soon.

On a happy note, my cherry and grape tomatoes are finally reddening. This time, it's not just one or two ripening at the same time... lots of them ripening together. More than enough for a salad or two or three. And they are so good. The best news is that the birds only poked a hole in ONE--- that's right, ONE tomato. I am so happy.

Below: The tomato harvest (side view)

Below: Tomato view (from the top)
There are a few that aren't as ripe, but I decided to snatch it anyway. It'll ripen from the windowsill. I don't want any chances of the birds getting them. They are so good and very juicy. The problem that I had with blossom end rot only affected a few. The rest are perfectly healthy and beautiful. I am so excited!

And now for my Luka update (Sorry I can't help but post pictures of Luka!). She finally calmed down (kinda) for one photo.

And this photo, I think is just so cute. What's she looking at? I have no idea. LoL.


Eve said...

You are both so beautiuful and I am not just saying that. It is absolutley true. : )
Those tomatoes are beautiful. Don't you just love, how one day you don't have any, and then boom! Enough to start worrying where you will put them all.
Enjoy those sandwiches. And give kitty a hug from me. Ilove your updates on him.

Frances, said...

Hi DP, I know exactly what you mean about the weather making you tired, me too. Your tomatoes look perfect and the carrots looked good too. I haven't pulled mine yet, but they might be ready, but there are no tops showing, that is what I have been waiting for. They have been in the ground so long, surely they are ready. It was fun talking with you, isn't it great when we are all talking as though we have known each other forever but only just met? That is the way it was in Austin at the Spring Fling too, like we had all been long lost friends. Your kitty is precious, of course you want to post about him. ;->

Cindy said...

DP ~ I love that photo of you looking so pensive. I feel the same way about the weather. My ground has big cracks in it, it's been so long since we've had rain.
Your tomatoes look great. I really like the shot from the top. I hope you enjoy many salads, sandwiches, and what not with them.

Susie said...

Those tomatoes look wonderful! I wish I had a few of them. I have a couple of plants still producing but the tomatoes aren't very big.

I really like that first picture of you. Of course, I like the ones of your kitty too!

tina said...

I feel the same way. We did get .4 inches at my house so I hope you got some too! Glad to hear tomatoes are doing well.

Dave said...

Tina you've got us beat, down here only .02 inches of rain. The overcast skies have been here but it does make you tired staring at them and waiting for the rain. Keep picking your tomatoes as soon as they ripen, before you know it you'll have plenty!

Skeeter said...

You have quit the crop there! Red juicy ones are showing up in our garden as well. We are still only picking a few at a time but we only have 3 plants so that is to be expected I reckon....

I like seeing Lukas paw pads! That is something you dont see much in pictures! lol...

plantgirl said...

the kitty is adorable - used to have a black one I still miss dearly....
Awesome tomatoes!! Mmm what will you do with 'em all?

Dawn said...

I know what you mean by the weather. WE'VE had too much rain. I feel like a mushroom!
Luka is so cute as ever!

DP Nguyen said...

Hi Eve- Thank you. That is very sweet of you to say. :-)

I do love the tomatoes. I ate them ALL yesterday. I just made a mozzarella and tomato salad with balsamic and now they are gone. I'm amazed at how fast they grew.

Hi Frances-I hope that your carrots look better than mine when you are finished. Mine were just too small, but the tops were showing, and that was what I was looking for. It is funny how we all know each other from what we write on your blogs! Although I have to admit that you were much funnier and creative than I would have ever imagined. It was great for you to come all the way from East TN to visit us!

Hi Cindy- I'm also sorry for your lack of rain. Cracks in the ground does not sound fun at all. I hope you get some rain soon! I made a delicious salad with all my tomatoes and now they are all gone, in my tummy, lol.

Hi Susie, The larger varieties of our tomatoes aren't doing as well as the smaller varieties. We have green tomatoes, but nothing is turning red yet. Hopefully soon!

Hi Tina-Still no rain for us, but I'm glad to hear about your rain. That sound so promising. I hope I get rain soon.

Hi Dave- I have been picking as quickly as I can, but they are turning red very quickly. Still no rain for us, just overcast. Today, it is sunny though. So pooh!

Hi Skeeter- So glad to hear that you're getting good tomatoes too. They are so delicious and juicy, aren't they? It's like eating fruit. They are fruit! lol.

I do love her little paws, they are just too cute. She is a funny kitten.

Hi Plantgirl, I'm sorry about your cat. I love my little girl, she is just the best cat ever, lol.

The tomatoes are delicious and I've eaten them all. I ate them in some salads.. The best was a mozarella and tomato salad with balsamic vinagrette. Delicious!

Hi Dawn- We've had very little rain, so I am a little envious. Although too much is bad, and I don't like to see all those mushrooms that pop up when its too moist.

marmee said...

your first photo is so precious. i love the look on your face.
there are those days that just don't go as expected. maybe you should've just gotten in bed and read your book! hehe
your tomatoes look great enjoy !