Monday, July 7, 2008

Tomato Harvests and Not So Fun Surprises

It is harvest time in the garden. Several of the large tomato varieties have started to grow at a tremendous speed, and they are ripening on time. BLT sandwiches with tomatoes from my garden are just what I crave!

Below: Tomatoes from the Garden

I try to pick the tomatoes when they are a light to darker orange color, and they ripen to a perfect red in the window sill. Sometimes, however, I get busy with life and forget to harvest the tomatoes... and the birds decide it's fun to poke holes in the delicious fruit.

Below: The damage from the birds. Grr....

The tomato is still good to eat. I just cut off the part that was damaged by the birds. Sadly, the owl that I had bought to keep the birds away hasn't helped. It was supposed to ward off predators, but they figured out it was a fake.

And now the harvest from the garden. Cherry, grape, and Whopper tomatoes. (And other large varieties that I don't have the name of...)

Below: From the windowsill: The Ripe

The newly harvested. Will ripen in several days.

I'm off to Ocean City, New Jersey! I don't know how often I'll be able to post, but you may see more pictures sooner than later.


tina said...

Your tomatoes are WAY ahead of mine. They look good! Have a fun trip.

Dave said...

They are way ahead of mine also. Ours are just starting to redden. Don't worry too much about the birds, you will probably have enough to feed them and your family!

Skeeter said...

BLT's sound yummy! Have fun on your trip...

Lola said...

Tomatoes look great. Try hanging old DVD'S so they will swing in the air. The movement & they shine will help keep birds away. That's what I do.
Have a fun & safe trip.

Dan said...

ah, just let the birds eat some, every body has to eat right? I certainly wish I had tomatoes to harvest, mine are about the size of a golf ball at the moment. We had such a slow start to spring everything is legging behind. Oh well, I guess the longer I wait the better they will taste.

Dawn said...

Ohhh, they look so good to me, a all time fave fresh out of the garden, just don't taste the same from the store.

Gail said...

It's raining here in 37205 How about you?


DP Nguyen said...

Tina-Thanks! Ocean City is a very nice place. Lots of seagulls, lol!

Dave-You're so ahead of me in so many other veggies. The tomatoes are so delicious! I want to eat as many as I can. Birds can find food elsewhere! lol.

Skeeter- Thanks! It's been fun so far! BLTs are SO yummy, especially in the summer.

Lola-Welcome! Thanks for the tip. I might try it out.

Dan-My garden was lagging for a long time, and now it's finally turning around. It's been so exciting to finally see the fruit of my labor!

Dawn-I definitely agree. Tomatoes just aren't the same in the store as they are when you grow them. Store-bought tomatoes taste very watered down to me.

Gail- Oh! Rain would be appreciated it. Unfortunately, I can't see it. I'm too far away... all the way in New Jersey!!!! I hope to find my garden thriving when I return Sunday!